February 02, 2014

Chase #2

You let out a sigh of relief as you sit up from being hunched over the page. It took some thought, but you feel fairly certain about the incantation, even though you have no idea what it does. Lestil slemran. It doesn’t sound too intimidating, but if a mordromancer wants it, it must be bad.

Clutching your wand again, you stand up and exit the Necromantic Archives at a brisk walk. It looks like Corwin’s already been here and may be at his Rendezvous point K, wherever that may be. If you don’t want him to pull off his plan, you’d better hurry.

“Hello.” A voice, smooth and mature yet somehow not quite adult, sounds behind you. You turn, staring at the dark figure standing in the doorway to the Theurgic Archives. It looks like he’s been waiting for you, crouching behind the doorframe until you revealed yourself. He’s wearing a pointed hat with a feather and a robe with an elegant, spotless cape, all jet black.

You find yourself stiffening, and your knuckles whiten around your wand. This looks exactly like the picture of Corwin DarkHammer that Sophia showed you, even down to the outfit. He continues, “It was awfully sloppy of me to leave my notes on important historical records. I hope you didn’t…ahem…inconvenience yourself in trying to decipher them. I’m afraid I tend to be somewhat cryptic in talking to myself.”

After a short period of stuttering, you manage to find your voice as you reply, “It was no trouble at all. You’re not quite as confusing as you think.”

For a moment, you see Corwin’s eyes narrow, but then he returns to normal with a silky laugh. He leans back into the hallway and pulls something out. You see the bound form of a wizard with long, violet hair tied back into a ponytail. Unless you’re very much mistaken, this is Amy ThunderBrand, notorious diviner of the White Legion.

“I appreciate your taking the time to delve into my notes, but unfortunately, time is something I don’t have much of tonight. I’m afraid I must run – places to go, people to see!” He points his wand at you and shouts some unintelligible words.

Soon, you find yourself surrounded by a thick black mist. You can see through it, but you know there’s no chance of walking when you try to move your legs but find them stuck. You can’t do anything as Corwin hauls Amy out the door.

Eventually, the mist dissipates, but you know they’re long gone, to that place…Rendezvous Point K. After your epic forgetting-to-dodge fail, you might not stand much of a chance, but it’s worth a try. The memory is pretty far back, but you think you might just know where to look…

(The key to the rendezvous is somewhere on this blog. Look for the Mark of the Mordromancers, and go where it leads you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment.)

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