October 28, 2013

Too Many Things

Okay. I haven't blogged in a while because I feel like so much has changed that I never posted about. Here goes:

  • Sophia is level 90
  • Emma is in Avalon and has her permanent outfit (pictures forthcoming)
  • I'm no longer writing the Greatest Treasure
  • I plan to start another fanfiction after NaNo (more on that later)
  • I'm getting really into decorating (more on that later as well)
  • I got a pet with buff cards on it
  • Etc. etc....
I hope to start blogging way more often until NaNo, and I'll try to schedule more weekly posts, too. That's all for now.

- Sophia E

October 01, 2013

The October Agenda

My goals for the month:
~ Post more. Sorry about my lack of posts over the past few weeks; the beginning of a new school year is always hectic. I have an idea for a cool new post series that I'll also most likely be posting this month.
~ NaNo prep! I'm going to be on the Treehouse planning.

That's about it, but both of those goals are pretty huge. Also, can I just say that I'm not too excited for Halloween? Most other fansites are going on and on about all the awesome new Halloween updates, whereas I think the whole Frankenbunny deal is pretty lame. Combined with the fact that this holiday has never been one of my favorites and the contest prizes don't have crowns in them, you could say that I could care less. I will not change my Twitter name to Sophia SpookyBlossom, thank you very much.

Here's a cool screenshot.
It's a nice view from the top of Nemean Rock.
Later! (Hopefully within a few days.)

- Sophia E (not S)