July 31, 2012

Sorry about the extra wait.

Yeah. I'm finally back. Sorry about the wait, my computer had internet problems for a few days after I got back. But now I'm here. :) And I want to talk about something that has really bothered me lately: popularity. The dictionary definition of the word is: The state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people. While away at summer camp, this resurfaced in my mind. There are a few girls with a whole crowd of friends, and are always surrounded by people. In contrast, I'm not exactly popular and I often sat in silence with one or two people. I find this somewhat interesting. What makes somebody popular? To me, it seems like the popular person is maybe funny, or talkative, or fashionable; none of which describe me in real life. This is not the problem. I am not upset that certain people have lots of friends. My problem is that often, so many people join the "popular" crowd that the more unpopular people are left behind. Not only is this seen in real life, I have noticed it in-game and also on Wizard101 Central. There are certain "archmage posters" (people who post over 7,500 times). I find this annoying. Many people view the most chatty people as the best people. Often the most HELPFUL people have lower post counts because they spend their time writing longer posts that benefit the community. Jesse Strong, one of these "archmage posters" is one of the most popular central users. In the past month or two, someone even posted a thread with pictures of him saying "OMG wow it's Jesse Strong!" These people are being treated like wizard celebrities, and it gets very tiring. However, he is an exceptional PvPer and I admire him for that, NOT for high post counts. Why can't people just get along?

- Sophia E

July 21, 2012

I've finally done the pagoda!

I went to a party yesterday, and the owner of the house had a Pagoda Gauntlet. Here's a picture I took while at the party:
Everyone was dancing while the owner took a picture, so I decided to take a picture, too! :)

The pagoda was very easy since our friend brought in a level 4 to make the monsters rank 2. I know, it's sort of cheating, but we mostly wanted to get the badge and stuff. The hardest part of the pagoda was getting us all in together. There's something wrong with the sigils that makes me always go in with the level 4 and Elizabeth always go in with our other friend. Here's a picture of me with my new badge:
For other news, I'm about to go to summer camp for a week, but I'm pretty sure this is the LAST TIME I'm going away for an extended trip this summer. I will see you next Saturday, possibly Sunday. 

- Sophia E

July 14, 2012


I have tragic news to tell you. Luke SkyWalker has passed away. (Okay, I actually deleted him. But the name joke isn't funny anymore and it's REALLY old.) And in his place I have a new storm wizard, since storm is awesome and all that. Meet Grace StormRider!
Life will be easy for her. She'll get an early start with Sparky and his tempest card, and all of Luke's stuff is in the shared bank, which has pretty good stats for level 10. All his other stuff for other schools will be sold, so she'll have a fair amount of gold as well. I can already tell she's going to be one of my favorite wizards, because storm rocks! Storm totally rocks, and once she hits level 10 she's going to quest with Elizabeth GoldenThistle's life wizard, Brianna RainbowSong. That'll be great.

It's also my little sister Isabella StarSong's birthday! She's a level 14 balance wizard who chose balance because of an obsession with ancient Egypt (even I don't know why she's obsessed) and is turning __ today!
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Isabella,
Happy birthday to you!

That's all for now! And frankly, I'm not sorry to say goodbye to Luke!
- Sophia E

July 07, 2012

I think I've got the hang of GIMP.

Well, I finally know how to use enough of the controls of GIMP to make decent graphics! Elizabeth says they're really good, but I still have a lot of learning to do. Anyway, I made myself an avatar and am going to make Elizabeth a matching one soon. Should I use this for my new blogger image? Comment and let me know! Thanks! :)

- Sophia E

July 01, 2012

I'm going away...again.

So, the title says it all. Well, not quite all. I have some other things I want to say, too. But yes, anyway, I'm going away, from tomorrow (July 2) to July 5. Except I might not post until the 6th. *static* We interrupt this program with a severe weather alert. Extremely high temperatures reported to last for an indefinite amount of days. *static* Oh, wow, are these people accurate! At the moment, I'm just boiling. *leaves off topic segment of post* So, I finally stopped procrastinating and downloaded GIMP. I was dreaming of making incredible graphics with it, and maybe opening a graphics shop...my dreams were shattered when I opened it. It's deadly confusing. Layers, lots of different windows and tools, tons of menus...um, help? When I looked at tutorials, they were all from outdated versions with different controls. So...I'm putting GIMP away until I have more time. See you later, and I hope the weather reporters were wrong about the "indefinite amount of days" part. I can't stand much more! Agh!

- Sophia E