July 01, 2012

I'm going away...again.

So, the title says it all. Well, not quite all. I have some other things I want to say, too. But yes, anyway, I'm going away, from tomorrow (July 2) to July 5. Except I might not post until the 6th. *static* We interrupt this program with a severe weather alert. Extremely high temperatures reported to last for an indefinite amount of days. *static* Oh, wow, are these people accurate! At the moment, I'm just boiling. *leaves off topic segment of post* So, I finally stopped procrastinating and downloaded GIMP. I was dreaming of making incredible graphics with it, and maybe opening a graphics shop...my dreams were shattered when I opened it. It's deadly confusing. Layers, lots of different windows and tools, tons of menus...um, help? When I looked at tutorials, they were all from outdated versions with different controls. So...I'm putting GIMP away until I have more time. See you later, and I hope the weather reporters were wrong about the "indefinite amount of days" part. I can't stand much more! Agh!

- Sophia E

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