June 26, 2012

It's Elizabeth GoldenThistle's birthday!

Today is my best friend Elizabeth GoldenThistle's birthday! Comment on this post if you want to wish her a happy birthday, and I'm having a party for her at 8:30 PM Central Time tonight if you want to drop in. Pick-up is in the top floor of the WC library in Lincoln realm. Look for Tasha IceCoin, level 1 thaumaturge (on a free account). Here is a picture of Elizabeth:

Happy birthday!

- Sophia E


  1. It seems like no one ever comments on this blog, so happy birthday to me! I know it seems weird. But I thought I'd comment for once!

    Elizabeth GoldenThistle

    1. You don't say!

      HAPPY birthday, Elizabeth! Though I regret having plans for tonight, I hope that this year, and all the years to come, are filled with splendor and joy! Keep Traveling in life, no matter where it takes you!