July 31, 2012

Sorry about the extra wait.

Yeah. I'm finally back. Sorry about the wait, my computer had internet problems for a few days after I got back. But now I'm here. :) And I want to talk about something that has really bothered me lately: popularity. The dictionary definition of the word is: The state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people. While away at summer camp, this resurfaced in my mind. There are a few girls with a whole crowd of friends, and are always surrounded by people. In contrast, I'm not exactly popular and I often sat in silence with one or two people. I find this somewhat interesting. What makes somebody popular? To me, it seems like the popular person is maybe funny, or talkative, or fashionable; none of which describe me in real life. This is not the problem. I am not upset that certain people have lots of friends. My problem is that often, so many people join the "popular" crowd that the more unpopular people are left behind. Not only is this seen in real life, I have noticed it in-game and also on Wizard101 Central. There are certain "archmage posters" (people who post over 7,500 times). I find this annoying. Many people view the most chatty people as the best people. Often the most HELPFUL people have lower post counts because they spend their time writing longer posts that benefit the community. Jesse Strong, one of these "archmage posters" is one of the most popular central users. In the past month or two, someone even posted a thread with pictures of him saying "OMG wow it's Jesse Strong!" These people are being treated like wizard celebrities, and it gets very tiring. However, he is an exceptional PvPer and I admire him for that, NOT for high post counts. Why can't people just get along?

- Sophia E

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