August 09, 2012

My splendiferous self is back!

Hey, everyone! Sophia hasn't let me post in such a long time! Didn't you miss me and my splendiferous posts? I'm awesome! Now, I need to write this post quick before Sophia comes back from the Bazaar- Oh, no! She's back!
Emma, what are you doing on my blog?
Sophia has something to say! It's a completely splendiferous thing! Come on, Sophia! Say it!
Oh, right, the promise. Just so you know, readers, I promised Emma that if she could manage to get on here and start a post, I would say something for her. I thought my combination lock (aka password) would throw her off, but no! She actually managed to break in!
I have splendiferous hacking skills! Sophia, you didn't say it yet, so please do!
Emma, where did you pick up the word "splendiferous"?
It's my little secret which I am not telling you! Say it!
*sigh* Fine. Emma is good at PvP.
That's not what you're supposed to say! Say it for real!
Emma, really? Fine. EMMA IS BETTER THAN ME AT PVP.
*gleeful* She said it! She said it! Oh wow, I got her to admit that I, with my splendiferousness, ice wyverns, and  fashion sense, rule PvP! 
I think it's time for a subject change. Pirate101 Beta is finally opening! I have not been accepted yet, but I reallyreallyreally want to!
What's Pirate101?
No comment. It's nothing important. Nothing at all. Anyway, I think I'll just DIE if I don't get accepted into Beta! I already know I want to be a Privateer and it sounds super exciting!
Ooh, you'll die if you don't get accepted! That's splendiferous!
EMMA!! (Readers, sorry Emma's so crazy today. She had way too much Radioactive Pizza and now she's hyperactive!) Emma, you're getting WAY out of hand right now. Time to take you away. *locks Emma in closet with new combination (aka password)*
*muffled voice* HEY!!!
Aah, finally some peace around here. New topic: Ravenwood Ball! I am so excited! Who's going? I am! It's my first Ravenwood Ball so I'm ultra-excited right now! If you're going, please comment and vote on the poll. I want to meet my readers! Tell me how early you're showing up, I'll probably go there in late morning or early afternoon. See you there! I'm SO EXCITED! EEEEP! :D

- Sophia E