August 23, 2012

Surprise enclosed, written in invisible ink!

That's right! You have to highlight this post to read its content! >:)

Just joking. I wouldn't be that mean, would I? I could do it if I wanted to, typing in white color, but I don't want to. But maybe I do! Muahahahaha!
The content is written below.

Okay, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Good news or bad news? Hmm, that's a good question! Let's flip a coin! *gets out quarter* *does super impressive flip* Okay, it came up on tails! That means bad news first! You may be wondering why I'm posting again today. It's very rare for me to post twice on the same day. In fact, it's so rare that this is the first time! That brings us to WHY I'm posting. You see, I didn't realize how busy a weekend and the following days would be when I started pirate week. So, I'm postponing pirate week. Day 3 will be this Wednesday. I wish I didn't have to postpone, but I do. I will see you then. (Yes, I probably won't post until then. Sad.)

Enough sadness on this post! Time for the GOOD NEWS! And it is good news indeed! Better news than you could possibly imagine! (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a teensy little bit.) But it is quite good. *drumroll begins* Wait for it ....................... wait for it ....................... *drumroll gets louder* I have gotten back to writing, and the Secret Gate part 2 is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy smiling faces* Although, there was one little error in that story. Emma and I get along in there.
That's just your wishes. Not reality.
Yeah, so true. Now please leave.
Anyway, READITREADITREADIT! NOW!!!!!! Look in the My Writings tab! You won't be disappointed! (I hope.)

- Sophia E

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