August 22, 2012

Pirate week, Day 1: Health and Life Fountains!

Hello again! I just noticed that I have 2,000 pageviews now, thanks everyone! But now I'm going to get to the real content of the post. First of all, I FINALLY finished the signature for Elizabeth and me on Wizard101 Central! Here it is! It took forever to get some of it just right, but here it is! If you want, comment and tell me what you think of it.

Do you like it? By the way, "The Dream Wizards" is the name of our on-hold questing team, because the dream shield spell (death) contains life and myth shields. So anyway, I'm going to get to the real REAL content of the post. It's my unofficial pirate week! I will post information/opinions on different areas of pirate101 gameplay for the next 7 days. Here is the pirate week schedule thingy:
Day 1: Health and Life Fountains
Day 2: Companions
Day 3: Battle
Day 4: Housing? (I'm kinda clueless about this right now, so this will likely just be speculation.)
Day 5: Pets and Mounts (probably more speculation)
Day 6: Skyways
Day 7: Ships
Did you notice I have certain "clumps" of days that go together? Days 1, 2, and 3 are all about battle/questing, days 4 and 5 are about the side activities, and days 6 and 7 are about the skyways. So anyway, it's time to begin the questing days of pirate week! Enjoy!

Health and Life Fountains
Like in Wizard101, you need health to survive in battle in Pirate101. The interesting thing about this is - even if you get killed, but your companions are not killed, you can continue to control them. Unlike minions, they don't die with you, so if you finish the battle, even after you get defeated, it could still count as a success. I don't find health is quite as important in Pirate101 because of this. You can regain health in three ways. I will talk about each. First, you can teleport to the nearest life fountain, and interact with it by pressing X. It will revive any of your companions that may be dead, and your health will restore bit by bit as long as you stay in that area.
Puerto Mico (Monquista) Life Fountain

 (Random side note: when you teleport, it looks like you erupt into smoke.) The second is yum-yum fruit, which looks like a red pear with wings. This fruit is the pirate equivalent of wisps, except even better because the red type are also in the safe areas. There is also a blue type of fruit.
Red Fruit
Blue Fruit

Since there is no mana or anything similar in Pirate101, what does the blue type do? This brings us to the third way of regaining health: potions. These are like instant life fountains. They fill your health completely and revive any dead companions. You fill these by catching blue fruits. When your potion globe (located in the same place as mana globe in wizard101) fills up, you get another potion. However, there will come a point when even if your potion globe isn't full, you won't be able to catch any more blue fruits. You can't have infinite potions, that wouldn't be right.
Health (Red) and Potion (Blue) globes. Note how much of the Potion globe is filled; this is the max for me. I have 2 potions.
So that's the basics on health in Pirate101. See you tomorrow, for the next installment of pirate week!

- Sophia E

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