August 21, 2012 lifted? Wow.

Since NDA is lifted, I'm going to share my pirate's identity. I'm Silver Julia Nightingale in Pirate101, I'm level 11 I think, I'm a swashbuckler, I'm in Monquista, and I quest REALLLLLLY slowly. Don't expect a lot of groundbreaking news from me. Why am I a swashbuckler in Beta? I'm going to be a privateer in live, and I don't want to feel like I'm doing it all again when that happens. So anyway, Swordroll is probably going to share all the news, so I'm going to not even bother to post. I'm happy that all my swashbuckler clothes are green, and I might start up a Pirate blog. (Think That's all for now, and I may post a picture of my pirate sometime!

- Sophia E

I just wanted to share - my first ship was called The Twitchy Cuckoo. This is one of the funniest starter ship names I have found, besides maybe The Snoring Troggy.


  1. Elizabeth GoldenThistleAugust 21, 2012 6:36 PM

    I'm Skinny Laura West, level 7 musketeer. My starter ship was called The Leaky Sky Slug.

  2. It sounds awesome! I didn't get picked, not that it matters, but any updates is something new for me. And hey, I'm with you with the slow questing. Can't wait for more updates!

  3. Hey Sophia, shoot me an e-mail - got an awesome P101 pic to show you.
    destinysoultamer @ gmail . com