August 30, 2012

Really Rapid-fire Writing!

I made that alliterative on purpose. Anyway, you might be wondering why I didn't post yesterday, when pirate week was supposed to resume. I just realized that when I sat down to write pirate week posts, it felt more like a burden than a pleasure. I realized that if I wasn't enjoying writing pirate week, I should stop for now. As a blogger, I'm supposed to love giving informative posts, but I just feel - well - sick of Pirate101 for now. Plus, I have only two ships, and that wouldn't be very impressive for day 7. Rest assured, pirate week WILL continue, when I'm in a piratey mood and have more ships and experience; I'm just not sure when.

On that happy note, I think you might be wondering what that title was about. You're probably astonished at this news: I have finished TSG part 3! When I was writing the last sentence of that part, here's exactly what was going through my head: Whoa. A part written in a week with whole days away from home and the computer. Talk about FAST. And, it's the longest part yet! Yay! :) :) :) :) :) Five smilies of approval! Now, in book-advertisement style, I will give you a description (sort of) of this part: What happens to Sophia and her friends? If you want to find out, read this next installment of The Secret Gate! :D 
Not a great description, I know. I'm just doing my job as advertiser , no, annoying person, that is, bookseller - augh! Fine. PERSON WHO MAKES YOU WANT TO READ IT. How's that?

Just remember: If you want to find out, read this next installment of The Secret Gate!
- Sophia E

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