February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone - I thought I should probably post today, with it being Valentine's Day and all! The Spiral is clearly in a festive mood, and I must say, I don't feel so bad myself, at least for being alone with Emma for such a long time. Maybe I can do something to fix that soon...but anyway, how are your days all going? Have you eaten any chocolate? I haven't...

But I can fix that problem! :D *extends bright red box of chocolates*

Emma...what's this all about? Are those supposed to be for me?

All for you! *opens box* See? There are a dozen of them, and they each have different fillings...only I ate this one here because it was hazelnut and I just love hazelnut and chocolate. But you can have all the others! :)

No. No no no no no. I'm not going to touch these chocolates - there's probably something wrong with them if you'd just give them to me like that. They might even be poisoned!

But it's Valentine's Day, and you just said you haven't had any chocolate yet! You can't have Valentine's Day without chocolate - it's an abomination, and completely not splendiferous!

I don't care whether it's splendiferous to you or not, but I'm not going to touch those chocolates! You can eat them all, for all I care! *stomps off*

*sigh* I only wanted her on my side...

- Emma I

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