February 27, 2014


Is KI stalling the release of Khrysalis Part 2? I think they just might be.

Although, they might have good reasons for it. They promised early 2014, which is quickly waning away, and they might not be ready quite yet; after all, we don't want another glitchy Azteca, do we? I'm willing to wait, but I feel this update might have been better kept under wraps.

There's practically nothing here; although the dungeon recall teleport may be useful to wizards who are stilling leveling up (as most high-level dungeons don't allow teleportation) the new "Team Up" function is, in my opinion, quite useless.

Do you know how Ranked Team PvP works, if you haven't formed a team with your friends? You're teamed up with random players and no concrete strategy; the intricate battle plans necessary to succeed in this area are nonexistent. Talk to anyone familiar with team gameplay and they'll tell you that a defined strategy is necessary in PvP.

The same goes for PvE; at least, the cheat dungeons. Although the Team Up feature may be somewhat useful for lower-leveled wizards leery of going into a dungeon on their own, the more crowded places, for which I believe this feature was initially intended, also require a knowledge of the cheats and how to circumvent them.

Team Up is basically Quick Join for dungeons. I had hoped for a way for group members to instantly teleport into a dungeon without sigil jumpers invading, but sadly, this is not the case. I hope such a feature will be added soon, and I'll continue to sit tight for Khrysalis. The promise of plot twists are one of the only reasons I'm still excited. (Although: KI says that "Khrysalis will bring an end to the Morganthe story arc - or will it?" If Morganthe the cardboard power-hungry villain is here for yet another arc, I'll probably quit or something. Just saying.)

- Sophia E

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