February 07, 2014

Emma's Big Secret

Hey - I just have to post, because I was digging through Emma's bank a few minutes ago for something she stole from me, and I found several bags of fresh Aztecan coffee. That actually explains a lot of things.

Wha-wha?! I never stole anything from you, and anyway, I wasn't drinking the coffee. It was just a drop, I promise you! I was going to sell them at my next trip to the Bazaar!

Ha, nice try. You're still in Avalon. I think I should put you on a restricted diet. No more coffee for you! *triumphantly leaves to confiscate coffee*

Hmph. Grace StormRider is the meanest person in the Spiral. I've been practically living on that coffee since I was born, and now she'd take it away just like that? I think she's going to be the next big villain once we defeat Morganthe, and - OW! *clutches head* I need my coffee!

- Emma I

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