February 25, 2014

In Stasis

Still not often in the game
Taking breaks now, all the same
And enthusiasm's waning
Soon, will any be remaining?
Is any wizard bored as me?
Should I find a change of scenery?

(That's an acrostic - read down the left column and it spells stasis.)

Seriously, I think I do need a change of scenery. Wizard101 is feeling pretty flat just now.


- Sophia E


  1. Roslyn SilvertalonFebruary 26, 2014 12:27 AM

    Yes, try Pirate101! Join the dark side!

    1. I made a privateer and quested on her up to Mooshu awhile back - nine months ago, maybe? I'm thinking about making a musketeer, but I might not blog about her.