February 05, 2014

Snow Daaaayy!

Snow is fun
Snow is great
Snow reminds me
Of what I just ate!

Snow I love
Snow snow snow
Snow is deep
And cold I know!

Snow is good
Snow storms mean
'Sno more school
And coffee bean! :D


What IN THE SPIRAL is all this?!


No, Emma, this is absolutely ridiculous and you are not going to post this on the blog because I know that's what you were thinking of when you wrote it!

SNOW DDDAAAAAAYYYY!! *clicks "publish" button and runs away*

Grrrr. Well, since I'm the only person left and this post exists whether I like it or not, I guess I'll sign it off. See you later. And remember, Sophia could still use your help against the Mordromancers, so please try to enter the contest if you haven't yet!

- Grace S

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