February 18, 2014

Mansion Splendiferous

Hey, all - I've been working on my own special house for the past...I don't know. But it's specially tailored to my own interests and tastes. It's coming along so awesomely, I shall call it...Mansion Splendiferous!

So far, I have the obligatory wizard study that at least has crafting stations, a beautifully icy dining room, and a wizard kitchen with an EPICLY SPLENDIFEROUS GLOWY WIZARD STOVE! How awesome is this? Is it not functional? Is it not beautiful? Does it not make you wish you had one just like it?

Come on...you know you want one and it's absolutely splendiferous.
Note from Sophia: When I glitched this stove, I realized two late that I should probably have used candles under the dinner plate burners instead of campfires. It glows a bit too much. Also, the dinner plates were the only round, flat, and dark housing item I could find.
Soon, I'm also going to make my super ultra-deluxe thaumaturge bedroom, and a luxury bathroom - the plumbing draws straight from the water outside, so baths might be a bit...chilly. There will be a super awesome game room, sitting room, and place for hanging out all in one ginormous space! Can anyone say splendiferous? That's why I'm calling it Mansion Splendiferous!

Oh, and I guess I'll have to make a guest room too, in case anyone wants to stay with me at Mansion Splendiferous. But I'll attend to that issue later, I suppose.

The landscaping will be gorgeous, too! I'll be sure to post again later with the latest design info! (Isn't my glowy wizard stove just AMAZINGLY SPLENDIFEROUS?!)

- Emma I

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