February 15, 2014

Contest Cancellation

I've decided to cancel the contest. It just didn't go as well as I'd hoped, and if only one person enters each task, it's not even a contest, really. So this contest is over. I might adapt the story into a short post series, because I feel like it had some good things going for it, but otherwise...it's over.

Thanks for reading.


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  2. Hi sophie, i'm new here, so i was wondering, where is this contest your talking about, cuz all i found was stories about some guy named chase and two people talking (emma and someone else) (one in blue, the other in purple) and if you are hosting any contest in the near future, where is the contest button, cuz i would like to join me and some of my friends? Thx :-)

    1. To answer your questions:
      The contest was something I started to celebrate the beginning of my third year of blogging. The basic premise was that Sophia EmeraldBlossom, my main wizard and the voice I usually use when I post, was kidnapped by a dark wizard named Corwin DarkHammer (not Chase) and you have to chase after him.

      Since Sophia was no longer available to make posts, my other blog voices, Emma IceCrafter and Grace StormRider, took over. Emma is a somewhat hyperactive crafting addict who wants the blog for herself. Grace strongly dislikes Emma and is sort of timid.

      I hope that clears up everything! :)

  3. Oh? now i get it, but too bad i'm late, and it's cancelled now, i like the concept though it's very creative, keep it up!