February 13, 2014

My Sword is Pointy.

Pointy things are splendiferous, you know. 

They're just dangerous. I can't believe some of the interests you've developed over the past year. Some of them can only be called barbaric.

Poetry isn't barbaric. See? That's one of my interests.

Snow is good
Snow storms mean
'Sno more school
And coffee bean! :D

...remember? That reminds me - it just happens to be another SNOW DDDAAAAAAYYYY!!

I had hoped to forget that phonetic torture. Your poetry is barbaric, even though poetry in general isn't. Can you please just stop pressing the point and leave me alone?

Ha! The POINT! You brought up pointy things yourself! (Actually, "pressing a point" sounds really painful.) Back to my own POINT; pointy things, especially my epic new sword from finishing Avalon, are awesomely splendiferous! With them, I can kill lots of things!

(I'd better go. She's starting to sound dangerous. Maybe she's a serial killer in disguise?) Okay...I have other things to work on right now. Goodbye, blog!

- Grace S

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