February 10, 2014

Chase #3

Rendezvous Point K is in the Krokosphinx. That actually makes a lot of sense. You shove the scraps of paper into your backpack and begin walking. You lost a good bit of time working on that tedious puzzle, so now, you need to go even faster than before, if that’s possible. It’s a disappointing and stressful feeling, being far behind.

The blue mander captain who mans the boat is gone for the night, but you know how to launch it. You clamber on and set it loose, and soon, you’ve docked at the second island. You jump out of the boat and walk over to Niles. “Have you seen…” You proceed to describe Corwin and Amy.

The tree rustles his fronds in a gesture of assent. “They ran into the tombs, but it was a long time ago. It looked like dirty business to me.”

You thank Niles and run down the steps into the tombs, your wand at the ready. When the drafty cold air wafts across your face and you see the glimmer of the blue lanterns, you walk a few more steps, then jump behind a pillar to listen. A small crack between the pillar and the wall gives you a decent view of the activity in the main hall. To your horror, you find not just Corwin, Amy, and the assistant who mailed the intercepted letter, but several wizards, none of whom you recognize and all of whom are cloaked completely in black. They seem to be surrounding a wizard, with long black hair and a winged commander robe…Emmaline FairySlinger.

You slouch back against the wall, barely able to hold back a defeated sigh. There’s no way you can overpower all those wizards, who most likely have powers similar to Corwin’s. Worst of all, you can’t see Amy anywhere. You can only hope she escaped, but somehow…you can’t help but fear the worst.

Suddenly, someone speaks loudly enough for you to overhear. “Dratted dogs,” says Corwin, clearly not caring about the volume of his complaint. “Can’t keep their panting little noses out of anyone’s business…they’re in almost every world on the Spiral, not just content with their own. But –” He let out a great sigh. “– to Marleybone I must go, for the fulfillment of my grand plan. I will meet with SkullBringer there…he claims to have captured BattleSpear.”

With a jolt, you realize Corwin’s about ready to go. If you hurry, you might be able to escape unnoticed, and possibly even head him off for once. Marleybone – finally he’s making it easy. Why, even his complaint sounds familiar…

(The location of his minion is somewhere on this blog. Look for the Mark of the Mordromancers, and go where it leads you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment.)

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