January 27, 2014

Contest things


Only one person showed interest of any kind in the contest so far. There were no comments, no nothing, other than the series of emails I exchanged with the winner. The nature of contest is to compete with other people for a prize, and as much work and excitement as I put into this, I feel like I might need to cancel it if it continues to do badly.

I will post the next challenge shortly, and if I get fewer than, say, three people interested, I will just cancel straightaway. I might modify the story as a post series or something, because I was pretty excited about this, but we'll just see.

Thanks for reading.

- Sophia E


  1. I hope there will be a drawing contest, I got a little drawing secret weapon thing I have had for one

    1. Actually, I have not planned a drawing task for this year's contest. Thanks for your suggestion, though!