January 22, 2014

Grace's List

Hi.  This is Grace, now that Sophia's been - *cough cough* - oh, sorry, I've had this nasty cough and fever bug that's been preventing me from posting in the last week or so. It's been crazy, but I think I'll be able to post consistently from now on.

Anyway, I've sort of taken charge of the blog without Sophia here, because I know I'd be a lot better site leader than Emma -

I have been summoned! *looks over Grace's shoulder* Ohmyjustwowisthattheblogbeingpostedon?! I can be famous again! You have absolutely no idea how long I have been waiting to get some special spotlight time, and I'll bet the lovely community out there has been pining for just a mere glimpse of my own icy splendiferousness!

*continues writing*
Emma's Issues:
1. Ego
2. Hyperactivity
3. Vocabulary
4. Nosiness
5. Irrationality
6. Obsessiveness
7. Distressingly All-Consuming Lust for Power

*looks over Grace's shoulder again* Hmm...not bad, but I'd phrase it more like this...
Emma's Personality:
1. Self-confidence
2. Energy
3. Vocabulary
4. Caring
5. Speculation
6. Interested
7. Absolutely Deserved Desire to Take Leadership of What Is Rightfully Hers

*sigh* You know what? *coughing fit* I'm done with this right now. I've received word recently that a brave adventurer has found the incantation behind Corwin DarkHammer's search at the Wizard City library, and I will disclose the details tomorrow, followed by more information about the enemy's movements. Further scheduling will proceed as originally planned.

- Grace S 

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