January 04, 2014

A More Purposeful "Happy New Year!"

The morning of New Year's Day, I realized that I actually had a lot more to say in the New Year post, but I'd forgotten since I was, you know, half asleep. Probably more than half, actually, but that's beside the point. I forgot to do a recap thing and a list of resolutions, which had been percolating in my mind for about a week prior. x.x Then I left on a short vacation, so I didn't have time to post.

But now I do. :)

In 2013, I...

  • Had my contest, which was a blast
  • Switched to playing with crowns
  • Reached 10,000 pageviews
  • Started the Treehouse blog for writing
  • Won Camp NaNoWriMo in April
  • Switched to Pirate101 for a bit
  • Quit the blog and the game from May to September
  • Deleted Daniel DeathBlood and created Victoria DeathStaff
  • Won NaNoWriMo in November
  • Finished decorating my Wooded Cottage
  • Maxed level on Sophia once again
  • Proposed the Menu Chat Challenge, which starts tomorrow
  • Had a total post count of 50 (ouch!)
It was a good year while I was active...and most of the fall doesn't really count for that. I have high hopes for 2014, though, when I plan to...

  • Redesign the blog (going up in five days!)
  • Have another contest (going up in six!)
  • Reach 20 followers (not quite sure how I'll do that)
  • Get 5,000 more pageviews
  • Decorate more houses (obscure)
  • Rewrite Legends of Light from scratch (this will get its own post)
  • Launch three very cool things (which will be revealed at or near launch)
  • Post 150 times (this is 14 per month with 5 per NaNo month)
Is this overambitious? Maybe - but it makes me excited!!

- Sophia E

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