January 10, 2014

2nd Annual Contest - Your Briefing Video

(Note: Watch this with your sound on, otherwise you won't be able to make heads or tails of it. Also, my voice sounds weird with this microphone; sorry. Please enjoy!)
As a strong wind blows through the room, the candle goes out and everything is plunged into darkness. You can’t see Sophia or Elizabeth, but you hear Sophia making strangled grunting sounds as she struggles to evade her attacker. With a shock, you realize nobody is attacking you and maybe the Mordromancers don’t realize you’re there. You slowly back away until you reach the door to the room. While the group is fighting in darkness, you ease it open, trying not to be heard, but the hinges make a high-pitched squeak.

The Mordromancer growls, “Who goes there?” You can hear his heavy footsteps thumping toward the candle. Without bothering anymore with stealth and hoping Sophia and Elizabeth will keep him occupied, you flee for all you’re worth.

As you run in the dark night through the Commons tunnel, you think about the intercepted letter. It sounds like Corwin is looking for some kind of article that holds information about the White Legion. Although you’re fairly new to this whole business, the name rings a bell. Where have you seen one of those before?

(The article is somewhere on this blog. Look for the Mark of the Mordromancers, and go where it leads you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment. Remember, go quickly; the first to complete the challenge will win two hoard packs, and the first to complete the majority of challenges across the entire contest will win a $10 Gamecard grand prize! There will be a new challenge every week.)

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