January 09, 2013

So, there you have it.

The new layout! Isn't it lovely? Thanks again to D. S. Devereaux for the background! Now, it's time for the post superlatives.
Most popular (viewed) post: Pirate week, Day 2: Companions! This is not surprising as the leading Google search that leads people to my blog is "Pirate101 Companions." I find this completely weird as I quit Pirate101 recently and I have maybe five posts about it. Anyway, this post was part of an intended 7-day series about various aspects of Pirate101. It never got finished due to complications, but I did get some great posts in there!
Most commented post: Besides the contest post, the most commented post is My splendiferous self is back! The post title refers to my blog character and alt wizard Emma IceCrafter, who loves crafting, has a huge ego, and enjoys looking better than my main, Sophia EmeraldBlossom. This was mainly a humorous exchange between the two introducing Emma's favorite word: Splendiferous. The only reason this got comments was because I put in something about the Ravenwood Ball at the end, asking if anyone was going.
Most random post: This is debatable, but it's most likely Stormriven Hall + Strange Disembodied Eye = Creepy. All it contained was a picture of me in Dragonspyre gear swimming while looking at a monster's huge eye in a crevice in the cliff wall, with a rant about how creepy it was. (By the way, this picture is now in the new header. It's probably the hardest one to see, though.)
Most useless post: I didn't look at all of them, but I'd say it's probably Nobody reads my blog. The post was two lines long and basically contained a few short sentences about how I didn't think anyone was reading my blog. Now, of course, I know that I do have readers, and definitely a few that read but don't follow. (If this is you: follow! I only need one more until 10!)
I'm probably not going to do least viewed because if it only had 1 view (which was almost certainly Elizabeth GoldenThistle) then it's probably a really short old one that's not worth reading. Least commented is a tie between about 50 of them. And for the last one...
Most important (current) post: Mission: Mansion - A Blogaversary Contest. Enter if you haven't yet! I only need one more person until we have 7, and then one more until it's actually a real raffle. I've drafted most of the tasks and I can only say that there's a lot of tough ones ahead of you, but it should be fun!

Maybe - just maybe - there will even be a little surprise (think codes) when I reach 10 followers!

- Sophia E

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