April 03, 2012

Nobody reads my blog.

Oh, come on! The only people who voted on my poll were me and my friends. Seriously! Nobody reads my blog. :( So if you read my blog, please, please, PLEASE comment! It would make me so happy.


  1. Hello Sophia,

    I'm sorry I didn't vote on the poll. I can't decide what my favorite world is. It's not like I've been to many of them, anyway. I won't be commenting much because I'm not that type of person, but this is just to say that you're wrong when nobody reads your blog. My wizard's name is Caroline FrostMask, and I'm level 25 balance.

    -Caroline FM
    Adept Sorcerer

  2. Thanks so much! I thought nobody was reading my blog! :) You have no idea how much happier that made me! :D