April 10, 2012

Avalon on test? I feel SO behind!

I feel behind. Yes, on posting too, but that's not what I'm talking about right now. I'm talking about how the new world, Avalon, is on the test realm, and I'm not even started with Zafaria yet. >.< Although, that doesn't mean I can't go on the test realm! So, now I'm working on wasting those free test realm crowns in creative ways. (Like: buying a teleporter of each color and making them all lead to jail cells in my various houses.) Random: now I can critical. And, why have I been so behind on posting? Because I've been devoting a good deal of my online time to the torment known as the Wizard101 Central Easter Egg Hunt. I mean, seriously, if you find an egg you get a super bundle! And since I don't already have a super bundle, I was really, really excited. So, after hours and hours of searching, I gave up. I'm back. Besides, of all the bundles, I prefer the Mega Bundle. (The sultan themed one.) Half because of the flute you use to cast. And I've always wanted to ride a flying carpet. But, I'm planning to step on the gas pedal for Celestia. I haven't been doing Celestia recently because I've been taking a break, going to the world of Wintertusk. One reason I like Wintertusk is that from a simple mob fight you can get drops that are better than the Grand gear. I'm not kidding. Critical gear, here I come! Oh yeah, and I know vengeance now. So, see ya in the Science Center tonight, with my myth friend Elizabeth GoldenThistle, in the Lincoln realm, if you happen to want to show up and maybe help us out. So, see you tomorrow for real this time!

- Sophia E

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