April 20, 2012

Warehouse fail, Wintertusk finished, and a non-spritely pet!

So...I need to get back into the daily posting thing. I have lots of news! First, Elizabeth GoldenThistle and I tried out the Marleybone Warehouse, just the two of us. We got all the way to the last boss battle - but then we failed! :( Oh well, at least now I have lots of items to feed to my new forest lord pet, Lord Rex. Which, by the way, is an adult and has Life-Giver and MC Lifeblade. And I finished Wintertusk. I got the final hit of the final battle of the final dungeon of Wintertusk! I hope to get back to the Fanfiction soon. I've been doing some serious procrastination in that area. Just like I've been doing in Celestia. I have to defeat and collect 3 of something from Water-Matons, which are robots that are life and have maybe a 5% drop rate. If not less. Also, I have an article. It's kind of a rant in disguise. But if you actually want to read my rant er, article, go ahead!

Why Life Wizards Are (Supposedly) Unimportant

Skyscream, skyscream, skyscream and a Life Mastery amulet. How many storm wizards have you seen with that gear? Probably quite a few. Personally, I lost track somewhere between 15 and 20. "And what's wrong with that?" you might ask. You might even have that set yourself! What's wrong is that it gives global accuracy, and because of the amulet you can now use your power pips for life spells. In fact, it gives so much global accuracy that you will no longer fizzle on your life spells, and can use power pips just like any life wizard. That means you can't fizzle on the heals. Take this scenario: A life wizard, a storm wizard, and a balance wizard are in a boss fight together. The balance wizard is nearly dead, and both the other wizards draw satyr cards and can cast them. The balance wizard says, "Can somebody satyr me?" The life wizard says, "I can!" But the storm wizard then says, "Nah, I should do it because I won't fizzle!" And the balance wizard agrees. Since when has storm had higher accuracy than life? It's not natural.
Here's another reason: When my friend and I were doing Nastrond, a transcended fire wizard came along. She told me to go into the battles last. When we were all in, she started shielding me like crazy. I wanted to know why. She said, "We have to keep you alive because if you die, we all die." She probably wanted to make me feel important, but that's not how that comment made me feel. It seems like a lot of wizards think that they are somehow more important than the life wizard. They bring life wizards along on their runs "to keep them alive". The life wizard him/herself is dispensable, but is important to keep them alive. It doesn't really matter if the life wizard dies as long as everybody else makes it out. And now, even that small feeling of importance of being needed on runs is slowly being taken away. Now, with so many healing treasure cards available and the MC unicorn talent, wizards of other schools can "be their own theurgist". They don't want to be life because what's the fun in that, but they don't want to fill a dungeon spot with one of those useless life wizards.
And now with the aforementioned MC unicorn, who knows what's coming next? How about an MC satyr? Or an MC rebirth? Soon, life wizards will have zero purpose. Bravo, everybody. Bravo for turning one of the most important schools into something completely useless.

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