April 24, 2012

I feel strangely proud of myself...

...because I did the waterworks for the first time! It was lots of fun, although I somehow failed the eel puzzle. I activated all the levers in the right order, and somehow, monsters came up! Maybe I was too slow? But anyway, I got unlucky. I got no good gear, no mastery amulets, and no mega snacks! Although, I did get over a dozen drops from Sylster. These included about four rings of other schools, which I sold. On the plus side, I earned 10k+ gold from selling all my lousy loot! Hmm...lousy loot...lousy loot...that sounds cool. *clears throat* Anyway, I forgot to take any pictures of the occasion. >.<  Next up is Tower of the Helephant, then it's back to Waterworks for farming!

- Sophia E

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