April 02, 2012

Two thirds of the way through Celestia!

Okay, so I finished those defeat and collect quests in Stormriven Hall, fought a boss, and got out of the gaze of that creepy eye. Then I ran around in District of the Stars talking to Preceptors and got a jellyfish pet. Its pedigree was higher than that of my awesome spritely satyr pet, so I looked up its talent pool on the W101 Central Wiki. It has only one selfish talent, can get spritely, and the rest are death talents. Hmm..... Maybe I'll send it over to my death wizard, Daniel DeathBlood, and he can get a super overpowered grand pet. >:) Click here to see the pet page for the jellyfish if you're interested. So anyway, Elizabeth GoldenThistle and I went and did the Portico (aka the Lunarium) together and it was kind of challenging, but we brought a level 42 fire menu chatter. (Named Dustin ThunderHeart.) We leveled up! We are now level 54 and I trained the Infallible spell (star aura). It's +15% accuracy and stun block for 4 rds. I plan to use it when I really don't want to fizzle, because that'll get me to 105% accuracy for my life spells. See ya, people!

- Sophia E

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