April 04, 2012

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Did you see my post? When I gave a hint as to a certain mysterious surprise? Where the hint was lights, camera, ACTION? It is done! So here it is!
Like it? Comment either on the video itself or this post and tell me how it is. Or not comment. I don't really care. But anyway, exclusive content like I promised! So this movie is about Daniel NightWraith, my death wizard. (Okay, actually his name is Daniel DeathBlood, but NightWraith sounds better for this movie purpose.) So yeah. And he has a lot to do with the undead in wizard city. This movie will also star one of Elizabeth Goldenthistle's lower leveled wizards, a level 10 balance named Anna StoryWeaver. Okay, that's all I'll reveal. But I just want to say that Elizabeth GoldenThistle has a decent amount of music experience and a composition program, so she might compose movie soundtracks! Cool huh? And I posted a new poll, so please go vote on it. That's all for today, so bye!

- Sophia E

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