April 01, 2012

Stormriven Hall + Strange disembodied eye = Creepy

Okay, so I've finished The Floating Land and Stormriven, so now I'm doing pesky defeat and collect quests in Stormriven Hall. Celestia drop rate is so low...but let's talk about that later. I'm not here to rant about low drop rates. I'm here to rant about...this!
Yes, I know, there was a dragon eye in the Crown of Fire. But this is different! I actually knew there was a dragon titan up there. But this is random. This is mysteriously creepy. AND that eye looks so much more like a real eye. It creeps me out. And then it randomly shrinks and retreats into blackness. Then it's prone to pop randomly out again and startle me! Even worse - the ice monsters I'm fighting are in perpetual eye view. Ugh. Thanks for listening to my rant! As an extra special thank you - here's a code for the first lucky person to redeem it! p348f-3l7xl-3lu6j-ll538

See ya tomorrow!
- Sophia E

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