March 28, 2012


Yes, yes, YES!!!!! I. Got. LUCKY! I tried opening two Wyvern Hoards. Just two. No more. That way, I couldn't waste what little crowns I had. And in my first opening, this is what I got:
A Greenwarden's Brilliant Mask! That is serious awesomeness right there. And for those who don't know the stats of the level 50 version that I got, it gives 165 Health, 6% Global Boost, and I think 7% Global Resist. Plus a Steal Charm card! :) And since I hate how it looks, I still had about 500 crowns left and I stitched it to this thing from Eloise with gems in it. Celestial cap, I think it is called? But yeah. Wait till you see what I got in the second pack! It's even awesomer (not a word, but who cares?) than that one! Just a minute...Picture coming.

Oh look...a gold wyvern mount! AWESOME!!! As you can see, luck was with me. I am so happy with my loot, and I feel bad for those who had to try about 30 times to get their wyvern mount. But yes, I will continue to open packs when I have the crowns (just 9 crowns short of another!), and maybe I'll get a colorful wyvern collection! So yeah. And scroll down to see a picture of me on my wyvern of awesomeness:

<---- There it is! And I forgot to cut out my taskbar, but let's kindly ignore that. I was so happy! The jump is lame, but still. The mount is awesome! See you later, and hopefully there won't be so many pictures tomorrow.

The happy wyvern owner,
- Sophia E

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