March 27, 2012

Forget Blogging Day!

Blogging day? Ha! Let's just forget all about it, okay? But don't worry, I'll still be posting. In fact, no blogging day is a change for the better! Why? Because I will now be posting - gasp - every day! That's right, daily posting! And Outfit of the Week? I'm quitting with that. Why? Because it's so hard to find outfits. And I'm usually just being lazy and procrastinating because I don't want to look for outfits anyway. That means my posts will be a lot less formatted and a lot more random and unique. But that's almost all you'll hear from me for today, folks! Why? Because, I want to introduce a different wizard of mine. She's a Thaumaturge who has achieved the great honor of -
Let me say it.
Fine. >.<
Master Artisan at level 20! That's right, Master Artisan at the low level of 20! I have done it. Oh wait, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Emma IceCrafter, the same one from the marvelous tale The Secret Gate. If you haven't read it yet, go do it. And here's a picture of myself, the master artisan:
And I'm in my all-out crafting dorm. In there are all four crafting stations, the kind you buy. Now I'm scrounging for gold. My life ambition is to craft a -
Watchtower Hall! She wants to craft a Watchtower Hall and turn it into a hotel!
>.< You ruined it. This is my post so GET OUT!
But this is my blog, I'm older, and I'm letting you post so maybe you should watch you you're telling to leave.
Fine, I'm sorry. But yes, I want to make a hotel so I can get some treasure cards. >:) Just kidding. Yes, I will charge treasures but that's not the reason I want a hotel. It's mostly for fun and to meet some new people. I will post a video tour when it's done, I promise! And I'll give frequent updates on this project!
With my -
Yes, with your permission of course. *rolls eyes* Now I think Sophia is getting impatient so I'd better leave. Thanks for letting me talk instead of Sophia for at least a little bit. And thanks, Sophia, for letting me have the final word on this post.
I never said that! Now if you please, can I -
Oh, I gotta run!

The level 20 master artisan,
- Emma I

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