March 12, 2012

This has been a week of making stuff!

Well, whaddya think? What?!? You mean you didn't notice!? Okay, just kidding. Unless you only just saw my blog for the first time, then you know I have made a recent addition - a banner! Well, it's not exactly a masterpiece...but I think it's okay. And it's definitely the best graphic I've made so far. And I have another picture to show you. I made it for my best friend, Elizabeth GoldenThistle. It's the one on the left. (If you'd like to know more about her, flip to the interviews page.) Isn't it amazing? Fine, amazing-ish? That shows her as an Initiate Conjurer. Right now she is Grandmaster. How do you like it? And, I have this random guide-ish thingy. It's called...

How to avoid unnecessary battles!
Scenario 1. Let's say you have to explore three dojos in Mooshu. All your quest goal says to do is explore. So you step inside and get immediately sucked into battle before you can leave. Simply press Esc and go to your character selection page. Wait about five seconds, then go back to your character. Ta-da! You have been relocated outside the sigils, with your goal complete.
Scenario 2. This is from recent experiences in Ravenscar. Let's say you have to collect some item from a chest, at the back of a boss dungeon thing, i.e, the heart of winter. But there is a boss in the way! Get someone to run straight into battle. Then, sneak around their circle. Open the chest. Then, have them go to their character selection page as shown in Scenario 1. Goal complete!

And speaking of Elizabeth GoldenThistle, we made a little something together. It's a play, hosted at her Royal Playhouse! Yes, I downloaded Hypercam, and yes, it's easy to use. So I recreated my channel, (there will be no separate page for it this time btw), and if you want to just see the channel, go to http:\\
Sit back, please turn off all electronic devices, (rofl!), and enjoy the play! Btw, it's hard to see text chat in a tiny window, so it might be easier to full screen it. And it is kinda goofy, especially the second vid, so be warned.

Did you like them? And you may want to read the descriptions, (unless you're too lazy to double-click), and please comment either on YouTube or on this post to say what you think! These are my first videos, and my first play. I know the plot line isn't a complete jewel, but hey, we did the best we could. We'll try to make more soon, and chances are the next one will be Krokotopia themed! And this is completely random but, hey, like my costume? Lol! ^_^
And, I think I'm not posting enough. So, I'll add a second blogging day - Friday! Stay tuned, people!
Other news - my blog really has now been added to the Wizard101 Central blog list! So maybe I will get more readers soon. And, I'm hosting a party at my house. You can read up on the details here. Please, please come! I have only two people on the guest list! And I'm planning to host a load of contests! How lame is that? :(
Now for the traditional...
Outfit of the Week!
Not much to say here...except that I had a different friend dress up for the wacky outfit!

Sorry for a boring post! And I'll have a huge surprise ready by Friday!

- Sophia E

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