March 19, 2012

That was a fail.

Second blogging day? Ha! So much for that. But I will try to post on Friday this week. Really I will! Now for randomness. I am almost level 52. I found this Celestia quest tree somewhere on the W101 Central Wiki, and it turns out that I am almost done with the Floating Land! And what I said about  the surprise, that was supposed to be released on Friday? Not happening. At least not yet. I have another project on my hands, that is, another two. First, there's the fanfiction, which I've sort of been procrastinating on. I'll try to finish part two. Really! But it might not be all that soon. Second, there's something else that I've never mentioned before. I am going to draw pictures of my fanfiction main characters. Like, with pencil and paper. I will try to make them the most awesome drawings I have ever done. And get the proportion and shaping just right. Then I will color, take a picture, and post it here. Hopefully. Maybe. Okay, probably not. And I've added reactions to my posts. So reaction all my posts please! I see that somebody, that is, two somebodies, have done that already. As for the promised surprise, like I said is probably not happening soon, here's a hint as to what it is. Lights, camera, ACTION! And no outfit of the week this week. I've just forgotten. And thanks everybody for showing up at my party. It was so much fun, and my guest list must have multiplied itself by three, and loads of people came that weren't even on the list. So there were maybe 20 guests there. And my blog really has been added to the W101 Central blog list now!

So long,
- Sophia E

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