March 09, 2012

I can't believe I didn't post...

I missed posting on the big moment! I even missed a whole level! O_O I AM A GRANDMASTER! Okay...level 51 to be exact. I missed all of level 50! xD I mean, seriously, it seems like no other wizard101 blogger has missed the moment. What a fail.

On a different note...I am working on a banner! That's right. A banner. So...hopefully it will be done soon. Actually, I could say the same for TSG part two. No worries, though! That should be done soon, too. As for outfit of the week...UGH. It's so hard to find wacky outfits! But I'll try to get one by Monday.

And a Celestia update: Well, Elizabeth and I have this theurgist friend and it's his fourth wizard. He is under the impression that you need critical and block gear for ALL of Celestia. We try to tell him that we're in District of the Stars and we've been doing fine without it, but he didn't seem to listen. So a few days ago, we proved him wrong. The two of us did the Stellarium together - just the two of us, no other friends or henchmen. We had zero critical/block gear - and we finished it on the first go. HOW'S THAT, SETH?

Okay...maybe I got a little carried away there. But that's all for today!

- Sophia E

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