January 26, 2013

Mission: Mansion - Task 3

You grin as you discover you've figured out the password. "Necromancer! The password is necromancer!" 

"Yes!" Nicholas congratulates you. "That's right. Now hurry up; the less time I spend in this freezing cold place, the better. I know where one of my friends is. Her name is Donna DragonFlame, and she's probably in the cellar. Come on. I'll show you the way in."

You turn to the door. "Necromancer!" you declare proudly. You hear a click as the door unlocks and swings open with an eerie creak. You, along with the rest, follow him inside. Each one in the group says, "Necromancer" as they enter. However, one balks. 

Nicholas turns around to face him. "What? What is it?"

He stares in terror at the interior of the house, decorated in skulls. "I can't go in there! It's...nasty!"

Nicholas shrugs. "Fine. Don't. You tried, and that's what counts." Gratefully, he scurries away, back through the spiral door.

You continue on after Nicholas, through the main entryway and into a smaller room, then through a red door decorated with a twisting black vine pattern. "This is where I leave you," he announces. "The cellar is right through that door. Donna shouldn't be too hard on you, unless she's in a bad mood."

"Great. That's so reassuring," you mutter as he teleports away in a shower of orange sparks. When you step through the door, you're met with a blazing flash of flame. The furnace that heats the house is spitting real fire. When you back away, you notice that it seems to be glaring at you. Okay...that's a little creepy. It's hard to see into the inferno, but you notice a figure huddled near the flames, with her own fire started in her open palm. She looks freezing cold, and the fire behind her is lighting up her body in some really strange ways. When she notices you, her face breaks into a smile. 

"Thank goodness you're finally here!" she says. "I was just about to give myself up for lost. It's so cold down here, even with the furnace. I'd show you to the library, but I'm afraid I'll freeze to death if I leave the fire here. Maybe I could take you there if you could help me craft something warmer to wear." She begins taking tools out of her backpack. "On-the-go crafting set," she murmurs. "It really comes in handy sometimes...Anyway, I have all the tools I need, but I left my reagents back at my house. They shouldn't be too hard to find around here. Maybe, could you do it for me? Please?"

Last task, there were three people who didn't turn in their entries, so they automatically get a score of zero, but one gets a special exception. Here are the scores and answers:

Alura HexCaster: 75%
Malorn WillowSmith: 0%
Tasha SparkleHeart: 0%
Emma DawnRider: 15% for her enthusiasm (see this post)
Destiny SoulTamer: 66% (Sorry, you would have done better if you'd kept your first entry.)
Isabella StarSong: 92% (So close! You got all the riddles right but couldn't figure out the password.)
I randomized to see who would be eliminated, and we need to say goodbye to Malorn WillowSmith.
And here are the answers:
1. It's the wizard's special skill, and the pages of fantasy books it fills.
Though never found on our own earth, in children's minds it finds its birth. ~ MAGIC
2. The time in which the bright light sleeps, and in it, silence's vigil keeps. ~ NIGHT
3. On the wings of the wind it soars, the fear of all rodents outdoors.
With piercing eye and sharpest claw, this bird is master of them all. ~ EAGLE
4. It comes after a drenching rain, with many colors in a shape that's plain. ~ RAINBOW
5. It's a place unexplored, a place that's new, but may never again see the morning's dew.
A place of animals thought as dead, a place that many wizards dread. (hint: a proper noun in Wizard101) ~ AZTECA
6. The thing that bees gather is made into honey
Which on toast people slather, but in this form, it's runny. ~ NECTAR
7. The color of my garments and of sun-kissed fruit,
Of fire, sunsets, and pumpkins, too. ~ ORANGE
8. This bird is the bringer of death and despair,
But also the old one who first flew the air. (hint: one word) ~ RAVEN
9. This meaning of "power" can be like two
It's of some wizards, but also appliances, too. (hint: 5 syllables) ~ ELECTRICITY
10. A square of deep brown's never been so delicious
But it has its drawbacks: it's far from nutritious! ~ CHOCOLATE
11. Toss it, flip it, and try your luck
But try not to lose it, because then you'll be stuck. ~ COIN

The first letters are MNERANORECC, which unscrambles to NECROMANCER, the password.

The motive of this contest is fairly straightforward. You need to search this blog and find the reagents. These could be hidden anywhere in any post or page. They will be hidden in the form of out-of-place sentences (for example: Keep checking this page for more pages. You have found a stone block for the Mission: Mansion contest! Also, thank you Sophia for the awesome cover!) and will all be in red bold so you don't miss them. Note: the example above was just an example. There is no stone block in that place on the Grace's Scrapbook page. 

This is a speed challenge. In other words, whoever emails the complete list of the locations of all six reagents to sophiaeb at live dot com first with the subject line Mission: Mansion Task 3 will win the challenge. Whoever is the slowest will be eliminated. However, there will still be a deadline just in case, which is tomorrow night (January 27th) at 11:59 PM EST 

Again, good luck! And please remember: I'm depending on you for this. 

- Donna D

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