January 05, 2013

The Greatest Treasure: New Chapter!

Chapter 6 of The Greatest Treasure is out! It's a late holiday chapter. It was supposed to be released by Christmas but I had no idea how busy I'd be. Anyway, it's the most epic one yet. A huge new concept is introduced here, so be sure to read it.

"The inside of the cottage was cast in shadow. All the candles in the room were unlit, and the only source of light was the cauldron in the middle of the room. The eerie green mixture inside was swirling as if it was a whirlpool, but there was nothing stirring it. Next to it, a heavy black book rested on a copper bookstand. The entire place stunk with evil, yet the book was strangely alluring. It was almost as if I wanted to approach it, pore over its pages, and become the most powerful wizard of the spiral with its unstoppable effects…"
~ The Greatest Treasure, Chapter 6

Also, there are new links in the "links" page to my twitter feed and my currently dormant YouTube channel.

Blogaversary countdown: 4 days! The new layout looks great, and my contest plans are going along really well.

- Sophia E

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