January 08, 2013

Mission: Mansion - A Blogaversary Contest

You briskly walk through Bartleby's well-lit green interior, briefly noticing that it's a little darker than usual. You hurry on, remembering your friend Sophia EmeraldBlossom's urgent message just five minutes ago. "Meet me by the spiral door inside Bartleby. It's important." As you approach the door, you notice Sophia standing on the raised platform. You slow to a stop among the group of other wizards she must have called as well.

"You may be wondering why I've gathered you all here today," she says. "We have an urgent problem. Bartleby is wilting." She falls silent for a moment as most of the wizards in the group give horrified gasps. "I know exactly who the culprit is." She reaches into her backpack and withdraws seven silver keys. Upon closer inspection, you notice that they are engraved with the symbol of a house on a world island, and they have the words "DeathCoin Mansion" on them. "Here's the problem," she continues. "You don't want to know what I had to do to get my hands on these keys. There are only seven of them." She looks with a particularly piercing gaze at each of the wizards in turn, her eyes falling on you last, and lasting longer than the rest.

"I have to choose which of you can go in."

Well, there you have it. Mission: Mansion is only just beginning. I got extremely mixed votes on the poll about which type of contest to do. I can't possibly please you all, can I? Here's the catch: I can. This contest is all of them and more. Here's how it works: Enter the raffle below. Everyone who wins the raffle is able to proceed to the next task. Someone will be eliminated each task. The wizards who stay in the contest longer get the better prizes, with the grand prize being a triple prize. However, everyone who gets into the mansion gets a prize, no matter how well or badly they do. And even better: Everyone who even ENTERS the raffle gets a small thank-you prize, just for trying. Do we have a deal?

For those who are wondering, the prizes are as follows:
First place: 3-Prize Pack: Story mention + custom graphics + Staff of the Imperator
Second place: Choice of: Mention in my story, custom graphics, Staff of the Imperator, Amarathine Staff, Dragonclaw blade, Viridian Scepter (thank you, Mercenaries for Hire and Stars of the Spiral!)
Third place: Second choice of above
Fourth place: Third choice
Fifth place: Fourth choice
Sixth place: Fifth choice
Seventh place: Last item

Enjoy the contest, and remember: the future of Wizard City is in your hands!

- Sophia E

P. S.: My real blogaversary is tomorrow - that's when the layout goes up. 


  1. I loved 10 reasons NOT to buy companion points! It was so different from my post (which was the opposite) and made me really think about my decisions. I want to see a few guides!


  2. Favorite post? All your fan-fic updates! Cause then it was like: Yay! Time to procrastinate homework and read!!
    Hmm... I really like the "KI-you-messed-up" posts, such as The Quetzal Dilemma, they're always fun to read!

  3. Isabella StarSongJanuary 08, 2013 1:17 PM

    I loved the post when Sophia got locked in the closet by Emma XD

    I'd like to see more of Emma - she's hilarious!

  4. Happy blog-a-versary, hope you have had a good experience with the community - have a nice new year.