January 06, 2013

Crowns vs. Membership

I'm considering switching to playing Wizard101 with crowns. I loved the more relaxed atmosphere of not having to worry about running out of time (I tried crowns in Pirate101.) I already quest slowly, anyway, and I'm not interested in PvP. However, to do it, I'd need to quit Pirate101. I'm willing to do it. Wizard101 is the game I like better. The point is, this will severely impact my experience, questing speed, and practically everything about the game. I will miss the bigger backpack, larger friends list, and faster energy regeneration. However, I get enough in return to make it worth it.

And on my upcoming blogaversary: I'm drafting the contest post and getting really excited. I've made myself a new favicon and a new profile image (the old favicon looks like I made it in MS paint and my old profile image is outdated since I can make something way better now.) Also, I've decided to start the contest one day early! It will start on Tuesday. However, the new layout will go up on Wednesday, on my real blogaversary.

- Sophia E

1 comment:

  1. I've decided to do the same. I love both p101 and w101, but I love w101 more :)
    It's just easier to play with crowns and you do get the areas open forever which is pretty cool I think.