January 22, 2013

Random Post of Pictures

So, I have a lot of pictures. This post will be compiled of fairly random pictures and text to explain them. Are you ready?

Picture #1!
Emma randomly got this tutorial tip one day out of the blue. I'm guessing it's to send her off to Celestia for the Grandmaster Crafter quest. She'll need to investigate when I buy the Floating Land. Yes, the Grandmaster Crafter person is in the Floating Land.

Picture #2!
While questing with Emma, I came across this gem of dialogue before starting the Tomb of Storms. He called Emma "Oh Crafty One" and I burst out laughing. It was just perfection. I took a picture, of course. (By the way, she finished Krokotopia just a few minutes ago. Well...not quite. She still has loads of side quests to do.)

Picture #3!
After buying Crab Alley, I decided to join a Waterworks run with Scarlet of Mercenaries101. After defeating Sylster and not getting anything notable *hints at mastery amulets* I stumbled across this. Huh? Random present buried in sand at the back of the Waterworks? Ooookay. 

Picture #4!
So, Emma's working on her Watchtower Hall. She finished crafting all 30 of the necessary Stack of Wood Planks. They weren't hard at all. As in, buy all the necessary reagents and craft 3 at a time at half hour intervals. But the next step (literally) is the Ornamental Stepstones. I need 15 of them. The recipe isn't too hard. The only problem is I need 20 Ectoplasm each, and I only have 10. Not to mention that I'll need thousands (literally) of Bronze Gears for the Watchtower Hall, and I only have 46! I needed to come up with a solution. It wasn't long before I discovered that Orange Dandelions drop all of those rare-ish dropped reagents that I need. Yes! I planted 32 of them and set their likes in place. They attract their own pixies, so that shouldn't be a problem either. Now, we'll just see what happens. 

The red gear probably needs some explaining, too. I'm in a contest where the competitors are divided into two teams: red and blue. Elizabeth and I are both red, and you need to wear gear the color of your team. The first task takes place in-game tomorrow, so I got the gear. I volunteered to film it, so you can look at my YouTube channel later.

I think that's all for today. Wish me luck with my garden!

- Sophia E

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