March 29, 2014

I am Genius!

There once was a genius named Emma
Who was smarter than any of them-a
She wrote poetry well
And no, she didn't smell
Because she was a beautiful gem-a!

She had impeccable fashion sense
And a taste for most odorous scents
Her clothes, red and blue
With white snow patterns, too
Made absolute, completely sense!

Well, they were red and blue in all
The months, but red and green in the hol
Idays, for festivity cheer
And a happy new year
But she wore a turkey hat in the fall!

It went gobbledy gobbledy cluck
Cluck cluck gobble cluck gobble cluck cluck
Cluck gobble cluck errrr
Cluck gobble gob- errrr
Gobble gobble gobble gobble cluck!

- Emma I

March 28, 2014

Super Busyness

Is that even how you say it? Business? Busy-ness?

Right. Anyway, I'm going to say busyness. My word processor says it's a word, so maybe it is!

Well, I will be planning the rewrite of my novel and I'll be busy for most of the weekend, so don't count on the Celestia World Review. It still might happen, but not necessarily, just so you know.

Thanks for understanding.

- Sophia E

March 26, 2014


First off - the not-so-cool things:

  • Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than a week and I've done almost no planning for the rewrite
  • I'm questing in Saltmeadow Swamp
  • Emma has planted a pretty flower in her house that I don't think she'll take good care of
Now for the cooler things:
  • For Camp NaNoWriMo, Midday, aka Emma DawnRider, is in my cabin!
  • I'm almost out of Saltmeadow Swamp (I believe)
  • I am of a happy disposition
  • The snow is melting
  • It's going to be 60 degrees this weekend
  • This is my 150th post!
Spring - is - coming! :D

- Sophia E

March 25, 2014

Oddly Memorable Thing #5: Snake Bridge

Some things are memorable because they just look so freaking awesome.

The Thing

Snake bridge! With really awesome animation, sound effects, and context, this is one of the coolest bridges in the Spiral. Downside: the area lags. Is it because of this awesome bridge? Maybe. But no matter what, this is pretty darn cool.

- Sophia E

March 23, 2014

World Review #3: Mooshu

Previous World Reviews:
If you want to learn more about the World Review and its format, please see Review No. 1.
No. 2: Avalon

March 22, 2014

World Review Tomorrow

The Mooshu edition of the World Review will be posted sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Also, Emma says the guest bedroom of her house is done, but personally, I have some doubts about whether it's very hospitable. Oh well.

- Sophia E

March 21, 2014

Oddly Memorable Thing #4: Chicken Coop

Some things are memorable because they just look really interesting and different, or maybe you have some sort of personal connection to them.

The Thing

In real life, I have chickens, so I really like this housing item. Not only is it animated, which is always awesome, but it has a yellow chicken outside. (The yellow ones are my favorites.) :)

I can't really think of too many uses for this item, although it could be really cute in a Red Barn Farm, but I love how it somehow ends up in the game anyway. I'm still thinking about making it an addition to one of my wizards' houses. Just not Emma's. Because wouldn't make any sense.

- Sophia E

March 20, 2014

Oddly Memorable Thing #3: Alternate Uses for Teleporters

Some things are memorable because you have to go out of your way to see them, but if you do...the results induce absolute hilarity.

The Thing

Most people, if they're lucky/patient/rich enough to own housing teleporters, use them for transport from one house to another (or maybe quick access to other areas of the same house). Some people, however, have found an alternative way to use these extremely fun items...a very devious way indeed.

If you have pretty much any in-game housing experience, you'll know that the game doesn't allow items to be placed on top or inside of other items without using glitches, but the game doesn't count teleporter destination marks as real items. Therefore, other items can be placed directly on top of them.

This leads to the unfortunate wizard who uses the teleporter to get stuck inside the item. This is most commonly used in jail cells, which make some sense for a wizard to get stuck in, but it can also be used for beds, bathtubs, and lone rugs floating all by themselves in the distant sky with no way out.

This sounds awfully like Emma IceCrafter's sense of humor.

- Sophia E

March 19, 2014

Nonsensical Reactions to Things

Let's say you had a friend who promised to show you something cool. You waited a few days for the appointed day, but she called you and said you'd have to wait another week because she was really busy that weekend. Would your reaction be "Awesome! That's really cool!"? Would it?

Because apparently it was for someone on this blog. No World Review This Weekend received, oddly enough, an Awesome! and an LOL in the reactions. (Okay, if you don't think World Review is all that cool, please at least hold onto my analogy. I'm just pretending.)

If you really, really don't like World Review, reaction person, just comment and say so. Or maybe you misclicked. But either way, this doesn't make any sense.

- Sophia E

March 18, 2014

Oddly Memorable Thing #2

While some things may be oddly memorable because they are strange and pointless, some things are oddly memorable because they're...slightly disturbing.

The Thing

I don't know why I found this pet so disturbing. Maybe it's because there are, I don't know, FEET sticking out of an egg?

It's also a bit odd that this pet hatches from an egg in itself; maybe that's how long it takes for those very strange and disturbing feet to break out of the shell?

Although - this pet can be dyed various colored patterns, which makes it sort of cool, I suppose. I don't know. I've never owned one. But this is certainly a pet to be remembered.

- Sophia E

March 17, 2014

Oddly Memorable Thing #1

Some things make you laugh or cry so much that you really remember that emotional experience. Some things are just so cool and eye-catching that you can't help but remember them. And some things...are minor, sort of pointless, but oddly memorable - maybe because they're so pointless.

Oddly Memorable Thing

Radioactive Pizza: one of the most useless pet snacks in Wizard101, right up there with popsicle, drumstick, and yogurt (THE VERY NON-FANCY KIND). Just +1 Will bonus? Meh. Might as well give it a pass.

But just take a look for a minute. It's pizza...that's radioactive. This is pet poison in disguise! Sue KI for animal cruelty! (If you can call a clockwork an animal. Or a wraith. Or a rock. You know what? Forget I said anything.)

Seriously, though? Radioactive pizza would kill someone. This makes probably the least sense of any pet snack in the game. (Have a weirder one? Comment!) Candy pizza would have made more sense here.

And why does it give your pet more willpower, anyway? Oh! Because you really need a strength of will to force it down your throat! If, of course, a snowball has a throat.

By the way - happy St. Patrick's Day!

- Sophia E

March 15, 2014

No World Review This Weekend

I'm going to be spending the rest of the weekend away, so I won't have any time to post. Just letting you know that my Mooshu World Review is going to be postponed until next week. Thanks for understanding.

(Postponed! It's a post - that's going to be POSTponed! Ha!)

(Not sure why that was funny - I guess I'm just tired.)

- Sophia E

March 09, 2014

World Review #2: Avalon

Previous World Review

If you want to learn more about the World Review and its format, please see Review No. 1.

March 08, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo & Azteca

So I know I promised a World Review today (by the way, I'm going to do Avalon) but I wanted to deliver some other news instead. I'm sorry if that let you down, but the review should be ready by tomorrow.

First off, I turned sound effects back on recently, and this makes Azteca a lot better, so I'm more enthusiastic now. It's not one of my favorite worlds by any means, but it's manageable, at least. I can't believe Emma IceCrafter is an archmage. I'm afraid Emma's guest room is looking a bit...shabby, but I can't talk her out of it. She says she wants to focus her money and time on the rooms she'll be using.

Second off, Camp NaNoWriMo April is coming. I've decided to do this for my Legends of Light rewrite (if you haven't seen that, the details are on my other blog). I'm starting to get really excited, not least because I've decided to make one of my real-life classmates a major character (she wants to carry poison in a vial around her neck) because her personality begs for one. Super cool changes are coming, and it's going to be great.

Right. See you tomorrow!

- Sophia E

March 01, 2014

World Review #1: Grizzleheim/Wintertusk

So, what is World Review?

As this is my first segment of the World Review, I think this is due for a little explanation. World Review, as you probably know, is a post series in which I review each and every world of the Spiral that can be accessed via a spiral door. As such, Grizzleheim and Wintertusk are one review, and Aquila will not be featured in a review at all (unless I start doing pirate world reviews, in which case - that's a very different story.) After some analysis, I will give the featured world a letter grade.