March 20, 2014

Oddly Memorable Thing #3: Alternate Uses for Teleporters

Some things are memorable because you have to go out of your way to see them, but if you do...the results induce absolute hilarity.

The Thing

Most people, if they're lucky/patient/rich enough to own housing teleporters, use them for transport from one house to another (or maybe quick access to other areas of the same house). Some people, however, have found an alternative way to use these extremely fun items...a very devious way indeed.

If you have pretty much any in-game housing experience, you'll know that the game doesn't allow items to be placed on top or inside of other items without using glitches, but the game doesn't count teleporter destination marks as real items. Therefore, other items can be placed directly on top of them.

This leads to the unfortunate wizard who uses the teleporter to get stuck inside the item. This is most commonly used in jail cells, which make some sense for a wizard to get stuck in, but it can also be used for beds, bathtubs, and lone rugs floating all by themselves in the distant sky with no way out.

This sounds awfully like Emma IceCrafter's sense of humor.

- Sophia E

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