March 19, 2014

Nonsensical Reactions to Things

Let's say you had a friend who promised to show you something cool. You waited a few days for the appointed day, but she called you and said you'd have to wait another week because she was really busy that weekend. Would your reaction be "Awesome! That's really cool!"? Would it?

Because apparently it was for someone on this blog. No World Review This Weekend received, oddly enough, an Awesome! and an LOL in the reactions. (Okay, if you don't think World Review is all that cool, please at least hold onto my analogy. I'm just pretending.)

If you really, really don't like World Review, reaction person, just comment and say so. Or maybe you misclicked. But either way, this doesn't make any sense.

- Sophia E


  1. OMG! I think I might have accidentally clicked those thinking it was another blog post, or maybe I didn't and someone else did, :/ well anyways if I accidentally did please forgive me, I didn't mean to.

    ~ Jacob Pixie/Thunder/Frost/Lotus Caller :P

    1. Hahaha XD

      I'm not angry at all, I just thought it was funny.