December 26, 2013


So, yesterday was Christmas, and I got lots of presents. Some were just okay, but most of them were great! I got:

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - I've never played any Zelda, but I tried it out for an hour or so this morning. It's really, really awesome. My only problem? I played through the whole waterfall cave, killed everything, but then I didn't find the bird at the other side. Oh, well. I'll try again tomorrow.
  • Book about publishing - It's very useful, but somewhat discouraging too. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. I've been learning a lot, though.
  • Rhyming dictionary - I can tell this will be great. There are tons of hilarious rhymes in it.
  • Bad poetry - My mom wrote me a limerick, detailing how she was going to get me some nice boots but they haven't come yet. It's as bad as the slippers limerick. I'm not even joking. It was good for its humor value, and I can tell I'll like the boots.
  • 10,000 pageviews! :D You are all awesome.
- Sophia E


  1. Skyward Sword is so much fun!! I mean, I stink at it, but that's besides the point >_> My dad and I play a Zelda-like game in Nintendo Land (game came with the Wii), but he's horrible at the actual original XD

  2. And also congratulations on 10k page views!! :D Woohoo~!

    (That slipped my mind in five seconds, I think that's a new record.)