December 22, 2013

December Stuff

Okay - I have a lot of stuff to say. (If you haven't seen my pixie story, read it. It's the post right before this one.) The first is a rant at the weather. We got not one, but two big snowstorms, and now the weather's above freezing and it's probably going to all melt off right before Christmas! The weather has malicious intent. It's mocking me.

On a more relevant note, it's DECEMBER! Besides being one of my favorite months of the year, that means a lot of things for the blog. For one, my blog is almost at 10,000 pageviews. Thank you, everyone!  Also: if you recall, my blogaversary is January 9th. That means I'm thinking about 2014's contest!! Believe me - this one is going to be epic. I'll also be giving the blog an all-new makeover. Check out my new profile image!

Also, on a sadder note: awhile back I bought a few Grub Guardian levels with some crowns I won from a contest, and used my epic level Forest Lord on them. Today, after not going to Grub Guardian for a while, I found that Lord Rex had disappeared. After searching all my houses, my attic, my bank, my shared bank, and all my other wizards' houses, attics, and banks, I've come to the rather distasteful conclusion that Lord Rex is gone. I must say goodbye to this highly sentimental piece of my wizarding adventure.

Still - I'm excited for Christmas, and the Hobbit movie (I'm seeing it in a theater tomorrow!) and some other things, and this season is supposed to be happy, so I won't think about Lord Rex just now. I can tell you that I have lots of awesome things planned for 2014, and I have high hopes that it will be the best year of blogging and adventuring yet!

- Sophia E

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