December 01, 2013

The Trouble with Winter

When calendars change to their very last page
And December begins, feeling like a new age
The sparkly new season's alive and on stage
As everyone cheers -
But the end of the old year brings fresh doubts anew
As you think of the promises that never grew
With old resolutions you unknowingly slew -
The passing of years.

The winter's new weather is chillingly fun
The fresh-fallen snow sparkling in the sun
And hot cocoa's passed around to everyone
The glory of snow -
But I dream of the weather as outside, it's cold
Somewhere else in the country it snowed, I've been told
But this barren, dead grass is depressing and old -
The freezing winds blow.

Spontaneous singing, the carolers play
The holiday spirit is shown day by day
The pine tree decor makes a gorgeous bouquet
And Christmas is near -
Of the month of December, it's only the first
With carols since Thanksgiving Day I've been cursed
And Santa's on every street corner: the worst!
The headaches are here.

The passing of time makes me ponder my year
The beautiful weather is snowy and clear
The season is filled with excitement and cheer
My feelings splinter -
For despite that the new year's exciting and fine
The sky seems to think that for snow, it's not time
The carols are only an annoying chime -
That is the trouble with winter.

I hope you enjoyed the little poem - an update of sorts should be up in a few days!

- Sophia E

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