October 03, 2012

Halloween is here! Also, a little bit concerning Pirate101...

October is here! Do you know what that means? Right! Halloween is here! Do you know what that means? Right! I have to disclose my Halloween surprise! So basically, I'm having a party. Pickups will be at 9:00 PM EST, October 27 in the storm tower, look for Fiona DeathCoin novice necromancer. There will be lots of fun and a haunted dorm, so come if you want to. 

Also, the Pirate101 release date has been, well, released. It's on October 8. And I'm about to say something that will probably leave most bloggers gaping with surprise. (Or not; it depends on how you react to these sorts of things.) Here goes: I'm probably not going to play Pirate101.

Did I just hear you all gasp? Don't get me wrong here; it's a great game and all that, but it doesn't have what attracted me to Wizard101: the fantasy feel. Although I love seeing more of the spiral, and the companions were great, just a few things aren't enough to make me pay for a game. If I ever play, it'll be after I max all my wizards, and trust me, that won't be for a LOOOOONG time. (Although I'm fairly close to maxing out Sophia.) 

Oh yeah, and I'm going away from tomorrow to Monday. No world tours here. (I wish!) Random picture of the day:
You mean you think this'll melt? O:

- Sophia E

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  1. Party sounds great! But... what realm? I hope I can make it.

    Sorry we won't see you on P101. I haven't seen it yet, so I'm waiting for the 15th. I'm actually looking forward to the music mostly, though I do have to say that flying pirate ships are pretty fictional/awesome/epic. But I understand what you mean.