September 24, 2012

The Count to 80: 74!

So yesterday I hit level 74 and got from Caer Lyon into the Wild. So here's what I did in the Wild. (Caer Lyon is pretty boring.) Basically, once I got in, I had to talk to a certain dryad named Sophia Greensleeves. I was surprised that she shared my name. Sophia's husband was captured and taken to the White Owl Tower! My good friend and companion, Elizabeth GoldenThistle, was with me at the time and we decided to rescue him together. Elizabeth had heard many rumors of the troubles of the White Owl Tower, but never one to be deterred by rumors, I decided to go in anyway. Elizabeth went with me. After an annoying life boss, (an owl with an ego), we had to free a ponycorn trapped in a cage. She directed us to climb through a window on a vine. I was reluctant, never being one for climbing, but I made it up. As soon as we entered the room, we noticed green fumes, and began to slowly get sleepy. After a troublesome episode of finding the right ingredients for an antidote, we managed to ignore the fumes and get out of that deadly room safely. After that, we fought another owl with an ego and rescued Sophia's husband. After saving a fire elf village, training mass prism spells, and finding Sir Robin Bravely, (who was not thankful for our help) we were exhausted and done for the day. Now, today, we'll find the minstrel who has the Sword of Kings! (Or at least try to.) I'll see you later with an update on our escapades!

- Sophia E

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